Cinch PS5 Pro Controller

By Cinch

$229.99 USD

Cinch Gaming has been creating world-class custom esports controllers since 2013. Our controllers allow you to aim and shoot as fast as a mouse and keyboard player since we've added mouse switches to our custom trigger mechanism. There are also rear control action buttons allow you to map any face button to the back of your controller.

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Why am I recommending

Cinch is one of the best professional gaming controllers on the market. It has outstanding reviews around its quality and craftsmanship. The entire controller is fully customizable from the colours you choose, to the button layout, triggers style and grip, you name it! I especially like the buttons on the back for additional placement of "O" and "X" (for first person shooter, jump and slide). This provides an easier way to reach these buttons rather than the default method of moving my thumb. Lastly I couldn't go without the "mouse like" triggers. I've added custom trigger mechanism to mimic that of a mouse click. Highly recommend!!

James Lynch