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Online shopping curated by people who share your taste.

Looking for camping gear or ideas on what to stock in your pantry? Mosey over to collections from experts in the space you're looking for, or your friends whose taste you admire.

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What if someone you admired listed all their favourite spots? Restaurants, where they picked up that vintage piece, or even their favourite books. With Mosey, you’re inspired by the people you know best, with everything that makes them unique all in one place.

Online shopping that’s curated by people who actually know what they’re talking about.

Forget hours of research and the endless ‘paid for’ lists. Looking for restaurants or ideas on what to stock in your pantry? Mosey through collections of experts and influencer's in the space that you're looking for.

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Good taste pays…

Fancy yourself a bit of an expert? Share your collections with your community and earn actual $$ whenever your recommendations influence your friends and family. That’s right, that thing you do for free anyway now brings you some extra cash.

Why Mosey?

We are building Mosey to make it easier to discover great products because they’re great and not because the companies promoting these products have the biggest budgets. We believe that when you ask real people what makes them happy, you will find they're more likely to recommend fantastic local businesses that you otherwise may not come across. This is not how advertising algorithms work.

We aspire to develop a vibrant ecosystem of local businesses, brands and the people that love and promote them. This ‘teaser’ is our way of sharing this idea with Canadians — to see if you agree, and to ask you directly whether there is a need for this.

~ A Message from our Founders

What do you think of Mosey?

Having browsed through our ‘teaser’, did you enjoy discovering and shopping for new products curated by real people? Could you imagine using this if the curators were your friends or online personalities you admire?

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